Axe Twist Ads

Hiiii.. Right now, my desk is quite tidy. I dont have any pending work, my boss is on her vacation. so yeah, I have some spare time.. Therefore, I’m gonna talk about “Axe Twist” ads..

Why Axe? it is because for me their always have an interesting adss, one of them is the Axe Twist Ads.

 The new Axe commercial for the Axe Twist shows a guy who is on a date but the girl is seems not to be very interested with him. Then the big robot hands changes the appearance of the guy and he gets a chance to walk her home. Of course, that kind of appearance wouldn’t get him any further so the Axe does the magic again and the guy is transformed into a macho so the date can continue.

For some reason, I really love to see that guy and trying to find more about him. But, that was not as easy as I think. There is not very much news about him. (maybe he’s not too famous in his country..) LOL.

And until finally, I guess he is Blake Harrison (But, I’m not quite sure). one of the actor in The Inbetweeners serial. In the ads, He’s seems a kind of a nerdy guy and yes, I love his act.. 🙂


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